You Closed My Eyes

This laid back song with a dark bassline puts the onus on you, the recipient. "You closed my eyes", which I interpret as you are the one who did this to me, and made me who I am. It sounds inadvertent, and the song is undoubtedly beautiful. Enjoy!

You Closed My Eyes - DJ Tennis (right click to save as)
DJ Tennis

Chewing Gum

The remix just gets me going for this track. I am really feeling the solidarity of the bassline, which seems to be playing along to its own tune at times. The spacey laser sounds add some past-futuristic-idea ambiance. There's a sharper edge on the remix vs the original, it has aspects of tech layered beneath the surface.  Starting the song off with strictly percussion is also a bit risky, and I like it. Enjoy!

Chewing Gum (Xinobi Remix) - Paradisko (right click to save as)
Paradisko | Xinobi

In The City

The slow confidence of this song translates directly to my city swagger strut. I can't help but walk in real time slow motion when I hear these sounds through my headphones. I love the encouragement that comes through the lyrics, "If you're tired/ just keep on dancing/ you can go to bed/ when you're dead". That's truly city life isn't it? Enjoy!

In The City (Luke Million Remix) - The Swiss (right click to save as)
The Swiss | Luke Million

Time To Move

I'm embarrassed to admit that I have just recently heard this song, which has been around since 1984. Upon first hearing it, I noticed a few pieces that have been sampled in songs that I have been listening to for years. This track has a great hook, fantastic bassline, and carefree danceable vibe that I immediately gravitate towards upon first listen. If you don't get flashbacks of the Cool It Now by New Edition days while listening to this song then you may be younger than me. Enjoy!

Time To Move - Carmen (right click to save as)

Without You

TEED has such a distinct sound, he couldn't hide in a choir of 1,000 voices. I love the simple piano keys and the high pitch sample that sprinkle this song with innocent sounds. The song is slow, yet still has quite a build/drop. I like the steps that it takes, there's a sensualness to the track even though it's about leaving someone and being better off. Enjoy!

Without You Feat. TEED (Hayden James Version) - Dillon Francis (right click to save as)
Dillon Francis | TEED | Hayden James

Ello Ello

RAC has such a distinct style, and that style really shines through on this track. I'm attracted to the cute and playful yet serious dance aspects of his work. Partnering with Body Language seems to have enhanced this, "beep beep!". I can't get enough! Enjoy!

Ello Ello feat. Body Language - RAC (right click to save as)
RAC | Body Language

Sweet Child O' Mine

I was stopped in my tracks the first time I heard this song. Since then I've replayed it about a dozen times! There's so much swag in her voice, and the instruments. I'm taken to a dark parlor where people are dressed snazzy and everyone feels the music deep down to the bone. That last note around the 4 minute mark is just wow, what a set of pipes! Of course if you'd like to see what really went down, they have the whole thing posted on youtube. Enjoy!

Sweet Child O' Mine - Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox (right click to save as)
Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox

In The Zone

This slow moving jam comes pretty hard. The wavy synths and snappy bassline pave a wide path for Erika's airy pastel vocals.  This is a slow motion track, nearly impossible to walk briskly and jam this in your headphones, it demands that you move at the same pace as the beat. Enjoy!

In The Zone Feat. Erika Spring - Airbird and Napolian (right click to save as)
Airbird and Napolian | Erika Spring

Back From Vacation

I just got back from a two week vacation in the Philippines, a trip that I very much needed. This picture was taken at sunset from the swimming pool of a remote resort we stayed at, pretty nice right? It's cliché as hell but traveling gives me a more complete perspective on the world and on life. I love when that happens, and I am always so refreshed when I return home. It makes me thankful for the life I have, and I further appreciate the people around me.

I've been consistently posting songs every day for the past few years, and it was a tough decision to take a break. Once you have a streak going it's difficult to break stride in fear of never getting back to that stride. Then again, there's nothing like a break to help you realize just how much you can't wait to get back to a solid routine.  That's how I'm feeling right now, fully refreshed and ready to get back to blogging the songs that I love to listen to. Here's to more great music, blogging, photos, and most importantly enjoyment. Cheers!

All I Need

The chorus of this song is so catchy. I wonder what are the things that are "all I really need", you know besides food, water, clothing & shelter. I also wonder what this song will sound like in 5 or 10 years, how will something like this age? I feel that this song is very current from a production perspective, and aesthetic. There's only one way to really know. Enjoy!

All I Need (Feat. Kenzie May) - Vindata (right click to save as)
Vindata | Kenzie May


Oh Cristina, one man's salvation from the harsh cold world. I love the lyrics, the vocals, and the background vocals on this song. I should look up the lyrics to a song and read along as the song progresses more often. I was compelled to do it with this song, and these lines stuck out to me: "I’m coming back to where I started / I never meant to be the bad kid". I don't think anyone means to be the bad kid, but it takes a mature person to see that they have been the bad kid. Good thing Cristina is around to ease the pains that accompany this sort of thing. Enjoy!

Cristina - Teleman (right click to save as)


Bam! This song comes with heavy early Daft Punk inspiration and I'm diggin' it. The hard hitting sounds and quick cut samples flying in from left and right work very well together. The middle of the track slowdown-to-buildup is also filled with the nostalgia of a decade or two ago, and that is welcome. Enjoy!

Start - LBCK (right click to save as)

Coucou Disco

Here's a happy funky disco track. The electric guitars stand out to me the most. The track is upbeat and lively, makes me want to shake what I got while nobody is paying attention. The waterfall off synths at the bridge add to the innocence of the track, climbing up then down the scale. Enjoy!

Coucou Disco - Dim Sum (right click to save as)
Dim Sum

White Tiger

There's something about the way she sings the two words that make up this song title. I keep coming back to it. "White Tiger". The beats are big and badass, the song ends on a large epic note as well. But something about this sample along with the kick drum and high hat have me hooked. Enjoy!

White Tiger - Hippie Sabotage (right click to save as)
Hippie Sabotage


The electro-indie-pop-band sound is not a new one, but that doesn't detract from a song that pulls it off well, as this song demonstrates.  The vocals pushed back and the synth up front give the song a soundtracking feel vs being attention demanding. I like the electric guitar that comes in and finishes things off. Enjoy!

Electricity - FMLYBND (right click to save as)


I love the throwback to 1983, revitalizing a timeless classic seems to be effortless for Touch Sensitive. The Art of Noise homage is carefully and tastefully done, brought up to modern times if you will. The song is dancey, sexy, nostalgic and overall amazing. Enjoy!

Slowments - Touch Sensitive (right click to save as)
Touch Sensitive

Midnight Feast

The title of this track makes me think more of vampires than of late night dinner reservations. The mood lightens up mid track, but in my mind's eye that's when the vampires have had their fill and are falling into food coma. The cool piano really does it for me on this one. Enjoy!

Midnight Feast - Mr. Scruff (right click to save as)
Mr. Scruff


I was raised on Wu-Tang Clan's Enter the 36 Chambers album, and my favorite song off of that album when I first heard it was C.R.E.A.M., the jam to which this track pays homage. I love the addition of strings and bongos to the easily recognizable piano melody. Wu-Tang forever. Enjoy!

Cream - Claptone (right click to save as)


For me this song transports me to a Las Vegas club.  The track has that large main room sound with the big energy required to move bodies well into the night. I love the vocals on this, and the electronic laser melodies that build up to epic drops. This track will surely show some age in the coming years, and to me that makes it all the more special, aiding me to remember at time that once was. Enjoy!

Fire (R3hab Remix) - Adrian Lux (right click to save as)
Adrian Lux | R3hab

Night Club Red Star

This song is a flashback for me, and perhaps for anyone who is vaguely familiar with 80's jams. I have a soft spot in my heart for electronic music of the late 90's and early 2000's, from Trance to Jungle it brings me back to a time in my life when things were carefree. The vein of this song is a bit on the funky side, a bit on the glamour side, and a bit on the 80's redux side, and I love all of those sides when it comes to dancing. Enjoy!

Night Club Red Star - Ural 13 Diktators (right click to save as)
Ural 13 Diktators

Limits of Design

My good friend, Mickey The Rat, over at Destino Ibiza dropped a new podcast which has been constantly playing throughout my house speakers. I could rave about each track and his amazing attention to detail, but I'll stop with that and go into this track he chose to close the mix with. I lose my reference of space and time with this song drawing circles around my head. When I hear this track my eyes see colors where no colors exist, my senses feel warmth that isn't there. It's the perfect song to float off to as the mix comes to a beautiful end. Enjoy!

Limits of Design (Essay's Spaceship Remix) - CutOff!CutOff! (right click to save as)

Bring Me Love

The sweeping piano chords and chopped sample make me feel serene but alert. The howling wolf and helicopter spool up are foreshadowing for what's to come. The business starts 4 minutes into the song, and if you aren't electrified by then it is likely you do not have a pulse.  Enjoy!

Bring Me Love (Suptil's Airwolf Mix) - TAFO (right click to save as)
TAFO | Suptil


Coming to America, one of my favorite movies to re-watch, quote, and laugh to. This sample is taken from the montage of interviews, and captures the Rap zeitgeist of the mid 80's. Beat boxing and all are rolled into this sample, it makes the song. The bassline is furious, and perfectly rounds out the track. Enjoy!

Peaches - Esta (right click to save as)

The End Starts Today Mixtape #11

The last mixtape I recorded and posted was #8, so why are we at #11 all of a sudden? Because #9 and #10 have been started and not finished, thus we have #11. This mixtape I composed and recorded completely on my iPad using the Traktor DJ app.  Previous mixtapes were composed on my turntables with Traktor Scratch. Using the iOS app was something new, different, fun, and exciting. I did most of the pre-recording work on a plane. Some of the tracks on this mixtape were posted on the blog, some weren't. The mix is 36 minutes, my new found sweet spot for mixtapes. Enjoy!
To Be Clear (Zimmer Remix) - Moullinex
Pale Shelter feat. Tegan And Sara - Matthew Dear
I Got U feat. Jax Jones (Original Mix) - Duke Dumont
Is This Love (Montmatre Remix) - Bob Marley
LES Artistes (Santigold Cover) - Lilly Wood and The Prick
Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me - London Grammar
Wonderland - CEO
Rhinestone Smile - Madeaux x Safra Nikoto
Something About You - Dornik
The End Starts Today Mixtape #11 - Ameer Says (right click to save as)
Ameer Says


My favorite Tribe Called Quest song has been Buggin' Out, and I bought The Low End Theory album the week it dropped.  The first reminiscent note of Justin Martin's track teleported me back to that memory. The signature Dirtybird bass exists here in full force.  The extremely stripped down bridge, which sounds like finger snaps and beat boxing only help to accentuate when the big notes hit the floor. Enjoy!

Buggin - Justin Martin (right click to save as)
Justin Martin