The End Starts Today Mixtape #1

Presenting the first mixtape from The End Starts Today.  I have always loved the perfect playlist/mixtape/dj set.  There's something beautiful that happens when a group of songs are put together in a way that they convey a journey and leave an impression. I hope you enjoy what I hope is the first of many mixtapes to come from us.

The mix is 40 mins long and consists of 10 tracks:

  Mile Marker - Amy Seely
  Unicorn At Night - Oxford
  Home (Party Supplies Remix) - Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros
  1957 - Milo Green
  Pharaohs - SBRTKT
  Mode (Original) - Bingo Players
  Mother Protection (Goldroom Remix) - Niki & The Dove
  Meridian - Southern Shores
  Los Adolescentes - Denver
  Paralysis - Monstersync

The End Starts Today Mixtape #1 - The Nose
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The Nose

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