Cool And Bored

There are some song elements that grab me the second I hear them.  Of these elements, background vocals are one of them. I initially noticed the fun and sexy background vocals on this track.  Of course the high energy percussion, French (language0 chorus line, and super catchy guitar riff also caught my ear upon first listen.  This song has hipster attitude with international undercoats topped with some blah blah blah's. Enjoy!

Cool And Bored - Le Corps Mince De Francoise (LCMDF)
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Beautiful Life

Today this song came back to me, and I rediscovered its greatness.  I envision this track holding down the last few steps of an epic journey. The colorful sounds slowly build to a bright and shiny beautifulness that spark positive memories and feelings. It all comes together when you hear her vocals over and over, when you then think to yourself, "yes, it is beautiful". Enjoy!

Beautiful Life - Gui Boratto
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Gui Boratto

Sister Wife

I can't make up my mind which I prefer, the original Alex Winston or the Star Slinger remix. So I've gone and posted both! I like to just post one song per day, but there's no rule that says I can't do two songs once in a while!

I love catchy chorus of this track. The slowed down Star Slinger remix adds quite a nice kick drum and a more separated electronic sound. Enjoy!

Sister Wife - Alex Winston
Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix) - Alex Winston
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Alex Winston | Star Slinger

Club Banger

This past weekend was PRIDE across the nation. New York recently agreed to recognize gay marriage -heck, there's quite a lot going on.

What's more appropriate this fine Monday than to post a song that I've been jammin' the past few weeks. I love the start of this song: a simple guitar plucking followed by synths, then bass and drums. This song is 100% unfiltered fun, it spreads a good mood and the urge to party and dance your face off. Enjoy!

"we don't need lights, for what we're going to do!"

Club Banger - Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party
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Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party

Select Sundays: Goodbye

Hailing from Japan, it's impossible not to think of Lost in Translation when hearing this track by Toe. Atmospheric and precise in their progression, this song is seven minutes long but really takes you on a complete journey. Just like the movie. "See, they love black toe in this country."

Goodbye (f/ Toki Asako) - Toe
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I Think We're Alone Now

I am normally weary of bad cover songs, which this song is not. I like the simple use of instruments, and their signature Pipette harmonies. The guitar is almost used as percussion instrument in this version. I am pretty sure this is a live version from somewhere near 2006. Enjoy!

I Think We're Alone Now - The Pipettes
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The Pipettes


Chicago (the song) makes me want to go to Chicago on a beautiful summer day with all my friends and a full band, including trumpets, a choir, the xylophone, a few strings, and hell let's include the kitchen sink... and just enjoy life. Sounds like Sufjan beat me to it, and wrote a song about it. Though he's got a bit of heartbreak woven into the lyrics, but the overall sound brings me immense joy. Enjoy!

Chicago - Sufjan Stevens
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Sufjan Stevens


I sure wish today was a sleeping in day.  But since it's not, we'll have to jam out to this RAC (Remix Artist Collective) remix of Sleep. I love the fun flute and funky bass line of this song. The catchy chorus may get stuck in your head, don't say I didn't warn you. Hopefully this will get you over the mid-week hump.

I don't think I've met a RAC Remix I didn't like. Enjoy!

Sleep (RAC Remix) - Thomas Tantrum
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Thomas Tantrum | RAC

More Tigers

Lazydisco seems anything but lazy to me. This song has a very classic sound, with a catchy beat, and an overall light and fun feel.  You're hooked from the first few seconds of the track. And of course, "More Tigers" has plenty of soul for the dance floor. I love discovering timeless songs like this one. Enjoy!


Upbeat, fun, and easy to sing along! This short but sweet song has just the right amount of pop and cheese. "Everytime I see you, I just want to meet you." Enjoy!

Everytime - Alma
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Select Sundays: Pumped Up Kicks

Introducing a series of guest posts from my friend Jon, who'll be posting just about every Sunday!!

A nice dancey beat that also soothes and relaxes. What else can you ask for from a summer song? Add in a little whistling, some hand claps, and a chorus that sticks with you long after the music stops and Los Angeles based Foster the People has already laid claim to my car stereo for the upcoming few weeks. Their entire debut album, Torches, is all kinds of ridiculous and I recommend looking for the redux version too.

Pumped Up Kicks - Foster the People
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A Summer Song

Conner Youngblood is ready for summer, and so am I. This song has a nice acoustic/electric feel to it. I especially like the flowing piano, upfront acoustic guitar, clapping, and the peppered electronic sounds! Play this song while you drive to the beach, or while you're hosing down the patio furniture getting ready to grill. Enjoy!

A Summer Song - Conner Youngblood
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Conner Youngblood

Batak Groove

Usually I'm not too big on the tribal house sound, but Julio makes it work on this track. There's a few laser beams in there, but they only compliment the body-moving drums.  I bet you stomp your feet. Enjoy!


I love the sound of a choir, and this song has just that. The band 'I'm From Barcelona' is from Sweden, and there's almost 30 members in the band. Perhaps the choir is not a choir? Could it be that all the voices of the choir are simply people in the band? The simple piano, tamborine, and guitars give the song a light and fluffy fun feeling - "I just wanted to see you my honey".

Either way this song makes me feel good, and I'm sure that when you give it a listen you'll feel good too. Enjoy!

Battleships - I'm From Barcelona
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I'm From Barcelona

Vibe Your Love

I went to see Maceo Plex spin when he was in town. I have to say that I had rather high expectations going in. I had previously listened to his new album Life Index and his Resident Advisor set a few times.  Let's just say that he did not disappoint! I chose this track off of his new album for a few reasons. First of all, I love the lyrics (Stevie Wonder). I also love the unique use of sounds, you've gotta hear for yourself. Enjoy!

Vibe Your Love - Maceo Plex
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Maceo Plex

Dancing In The Dark

First of all, I love the saxophone on this track. This song has a heavy dubstep-like bassline, but it isn't as grimy and bass hungry as a more conventional 'dubstep' track.  So this makes it a good Monday song, I don't want to slam your face too early in the week. Enjoy!

Dancing In The Dark (Proper Villains Remix) - Dev
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Dev | Proper Villains

Stellar Cartographer II

Hopefully wherever you are this weekend it will be nice. Put this track on and enjoy the sunlight while you make your morning beverage (caffeine or alcohol whatever is your preference).  The light ambient synths will melt away your work week stresses. The crashing symbols and electric guitar riffs will ready you for the upcoming weekend activities.  Play it loud or soft this is definitely a great track. Enjoy!

Stellar Cartographer II - Radioseven
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Photek still reminds me of great drum and bass. I remember blasting Photek in my dorm room during the late 90's. The one thing his new styles have in common with his old styles, is that I like them both. Avalanche somewhat sounds like an avalanche to me, though I think it sounds more like 'death riding a surfboard' -but death riding a surfboard isn't quite the title that avalanche is. Hard hits, filtered samples, and a continuos build make this song great. Enjoy!

Avalanche - Photek
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Paris Is For Lovers

I'm not a huge Justin Timberlake fan, but I really enjoy how his lyrics are used in this track.  The bass line is simple, yet amazing.  I like to play this song at loud volume and feel that 3 note synth bass line shake through me. Enjoy!

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Russ Chimes has been on my radar ever since I heard the Midnight Club EP which has a trilogy video series to go with.  His expressway mixes are also some of my favorite sets.  If you get a chance to listen or see him do it. Do it for me!

Russ Chimes - Tonic (Original Mix)
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Russ Chimes

Devil Town

I'm super late to the Friday Night Lights bandwagon, in fact I just finished the series finale last night.  One of the main reasons I decided to start watching this series was the fact that Explosions In The Sky did some of the soundtrack.  It's a great show, and if you haven't seen it then you probably are missing out.

Devil Town by Bright Eyes was a song that they played a few times and really captured the feeling of the show. Enjoy

Devil Town - Bright Eyes
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Bright Eyes