Tthhee Ppaarrttyy

The beautiful thing about a remix, reboot, remake, or even cover is the infinite possibilities to experience the same thing, differently. Justice's original track includes vocals from Uffie, and a much slower tempo. This remix speeds things up, and almost masks the original song for the first half. Mid song you're reminded slightly that this is a remix, and you've been here before, even though you haven't. Enjoy!

Tthhee Ppaarrttyy (Moustache Machine Remix) - Justice
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Justice | Moustache Machine

When Am I Going To Make A Living

Few are great, fewer are timeless, and only one is Sade. I've always felt some mystery around Sade. Regardless, her smooth vocals, classy instrumentation, and remix-ability are always outstanding. Though I don't know what she's hungry for, this song makes me want to see her beat it and not give in. This re-edit by Poolside should definitely be played poolside. Enjoy!

When Am I Going To Make A Living (Poolside's Tons of Drums Edit) - Sade
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Sade | Poolside


There's an immediate Smashing Pumpkins-like feel to this song for me.  I really like the uptempo beat and the harsh realization that "the hardest thing about this love is that it's never gonna last". My favorite though, is when when the female vocals stand out in the background at the tail end of the song. Enjoy!

Stamp - The Rural Alberta Advantage
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The Rural Alberta Advantage

Select Sundays: The Cave

Mumford & Sons courtesy of Two Door Cinema. By now you are most likely familiar with both bands, if not downright obsessed. The Irish trio re-interpret their English mates' glorious track and give it their own flavor. Here's the original for comparison's sake. It could come down to if you prefer guitar or fiddle. Me, I'm a fiddle man, but both versions are pretty glorious.

The Cave (Mumford & Sons Cover) - Two Door Cinema Club
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Two Door Cinema Club | Mumford & Sons

I Don't Smoke

Matias Aguayo sure does have a sense of humor, and this song sure shows is. "Rebolledo, do you have a cigarette? No, I don’t smoke, I don’t smoke".  But besides the comedic takeaway, this is an unforgettable minimal house track.  There's a nice keyboard, great bassline, and a synthesized steel drum for that somewhat sunny island feel. Enjoy!

I Don't Smoke - Matias Aguayo
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Matias Aguayo

Sleeping Pills

I really enjoy the brightness of this track.  The vocals are so heavily filtered that unless I really pay attention, I'm unable to even guess what words are being sung. I like it that way, as sometimes vocals should play a backseat to the other aspects of a song. Enjoy!

Sleeping Pills - Germany Germany
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Germany Germany

Take Me To The Mountains

We're no stranger to the sounds of LCMDF, as we've posted Cool and Bored a few months ago. This song has a bit more grit and swag to it.  The melody is super catchy and the aggressive horns really push energy through the speakers. Enjoy!

Take Me To The Mountains - Le Corps Mince De Francoise (LCMDF)
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This track combines a few very familiar instruments in such a fantastic way. I love the guitar that starts off, then the piano kicks in with simple half notes, and before you know it you're hit with everything: vocals, xylophone, violins, and the kitchen sink.  The track continues to build in this same manner for a while until you realize it's over, and you can't remember that guitar from the very beginning. That's when I play it again. Enjoy!

Missing - Plaid
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This track has that fun mix of rock and roll combined with dance. I want to play it loud and jump up and down upon hearing the first note.  I am also a fan of the effects used on the vocals, they remind me of the sound Beatles used on some tracks. The song is relatively simple, and does what it aims to do: pump you up for 3 minutes. Enjoy!

Roman - Housse De Racket
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Housse De Racket

Select Sundays: He's Mine (I Got Him All The Time)

I don't know who Mokenstef is and I don't care. This track is a wonderful throwback and the Big Ham remix featuring Grand Puba is just delicious. Roll down the windows, shift your time machine to 88mph, and transport yourself to the mid-Nineties.

He's Mine (I Got Him All The Time) Big Ham Remix Feat. Grand Puba - MoKenStef
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MoKenStef | Big Ham | Grand Puba


Colorful tones flutter like butterflies over Gaelle's sweet voice in this not-so-deep, deep house track remixed by Bugz In The Attic. I love the contrast that is this song.  Her voice is smooth, the lyrics are fun, and it reminds me of a warm night with rain and red wine. Enjoy!

Rain - Gaelle (Bugz In The Attic Remix)
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Gaelle | Bugz In The Attic

All There Is

I absolutely love the beginning of this song, especially when the xylophone comes in. The chopped, sped up, and slowed down vocals also work. It's almost as if the vocals were fluid, and only when I focus on them do I hear that they technically aren't.  I also like the use of stereo sound on the xylophone, notice the sound from one ear vs the other at times. Enjoy!

All There Is Feat. Steffaloo - Chrome Sparks 
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Chrome Sparks | Steffaloo

Two Muffins

I really like the throwback 50's sound that this track embraces.  The horns, the 50's microphone sound on the vocal sample, and the jazzy drums all mesh together real well.  It's a newish twist on some classic sounds that just works really well. Enjoy!

Two Muffins - You, You're Awesome
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You, You're Awesome

What You Need

I feel a bit of 80's nostalgia when I hear this song. It isn't an 80's throwback track by any means, but there's something about the vocals that remind me of the 80's sound. The second thing that stands out to me is how the song hits you in short strong quick waves. Enjoy!

What You Need (Le Crayon Sidechain Edit) - Priors
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Priors | Le Crayon

In Other Words

In my opinion the first half of this song exists to serve the second half of the song.  Now don't get me wrong, I am fond of the heavy piano beginning, the vocals, lyrics, and when the whole band is in swing. Then, just when you think you don't need to listen to the entire song to know what it's about, things change -and that's what caught me.  The song is completely broken down to a few piano chords and lyrics, only to then be built up even bigger, better and stronger than before there's even a banjo that joins in. I guess that's what he means when he says "it starts stopping when it stops stopping".

In Other Words - Ben Kweller
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Ben Kweller

Select Sundays: There Will Be Tears

A friend who knows these things told me that Frank Ocean is the next big thing. He's part of the Odd Future collective, he's on two tracks off the new Jay-Z and Kanye collabo album, and he was recently on Fader's cover, wearing what looks like a panda hat. When you Google "Frank Ocean," his Tumblr is the first hit. He self-released his album for free after his record company kept brushing him aside. Ocean is showing everyone what circumventing a traditional record company can do; he's everywhere.

There Will Be Tears - Frank Ocean
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Frank Ocean


You know the song in a former life, but there's something about that voice -when did Britney develop an accent? It's Yael!
The track mixes images of a smoky underground jazz lounge and an urban machine gun gang war scene. I love hearing the attack of the percussion and the thud of the bass along Yael's silky and exotic voice.  It's a cover and a remix rolled into one. Enjoy!

Toxic (16 Bit Dubstep Remix) - Yael Naim
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Yael Naim | 16 Bit

No One Will Know

I not only have a thing for good background vocals, but I also find myself attracted to upbeat songs with sad or dark lyrics.  I'm not 100% sure that this is a "sad" song as much as it is a song about discontent, wanting to have your cake and eat it too, etc.  Regardless, the speed of the drums, and the chords of the guitar along with a great melody make this song an upbeat one in my book. Enjoy!

No One Will Know - Bella
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What we have here is a hard hitting house track that fears nobody.  There's what sounds to be synthesized organ that dances through the song's ups and downs.  The track is extremely DJ friendly, and would sound amazing on a 100,000 Watt club system. I feel a slight terror along with this song, probably due to my associate with the organ's sound and darkness. Enjoy!

Loreley - Kolsch
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Coming Down

I feel like I'm in a movie scene when I listen to this song in my headphones and walk the streets. You know the scene, I'm that person who's just had their dreams shattered and am walking aimlessly trying to figure out if an next step is even the right thing to do. The chorus repeats "I think I'm coming down", but I think she knows she's coming down, and coming down hard. Enjoy!

Coming Down - Dum Dum Girls
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Dum Dum Girls


The children's voices in this track really work for me.  The way that the cheerleading cheer flows along with the melody of the electronic instruments and drum machine makes me smile. The samples of growling kids could come off as cheesy when you're not in an upbeat mood. Overall it's a great track, with more than one dimension to explore. Enjoy!

Aminals - Baths
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Select Sundays: White Winter Hymnal

It's absolutely a huge plus when a band is named after animals, wouldn't you agree? The founders of the band are Robin Pecknold and Skyler Skjelset, which are also some superior names. Listen to the song just a little bit and try to guess where these guys are from. It shouldn't be difficult. I love this song because it sounds like an updated Simon and Garfunkel track and there's something timeless about the feeling it imparts. The whole thingworks great on repeat.

White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes
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Fleet Foxes

Back & Forth

They don't make em like they used to. Hearing the beautiful sound of the saxophone dance atop deep and smooth synths brings me back to when I first experienced house music.  When the drums and bass kick in the song really gels into a deep, soulful, body moving experience. Enjoy!

Back & Forth (Masters At Work Horny Dub) - Titiyo
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Titiyo | Masters At Work


In your face!! That's what I get when this song plays. Believe it or not the first two minutes build up for a rather crazy breakdown. I love how her voice comes through first over the electric guitar, and then behind it. The song speaks for itself, and if you can't handle that then get out of its way. Enjoy!

Bells - Vitalic
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Japanese Schoolgirls

This is one of those end of night songs that gives you the 2nd wind to keep dancing. The bass rushes in like a dark storm. The synths start dancing for you as the bassline hits hard but cleanly. The drops are big but not huge, there's just the right amount of drama to keep your feet moving and your ears listening.  The female vocal sample is just the right amount of garnish for this track. Enjoy!

Japanese Schoolgirls (PROFF Remix) - Suspect 44
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Suspect 44 | PROFF

Autumn Insomnia Session

If I had access to a drum set, I'd focus my efforts on being able to recreate the percussion from this song.  It's not often that the rhythm section anchor is showcased in a track being held down by strings, winds, and keyboards. Enjoy!

Autumn Insomnia Session - The Flashbulb
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The Flashbulb

Wish You Were Here

Last night I caught the Rasputina show, and they covered Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here'. Two cellos and a percussionist for the arrangement strongly back up her great voice singing these timeless lyrics. The show was great. Enjoy!

Wish You Were Here - Rasputina
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