I love the sound and I love the name. This track speaks to me as a cousin of the untouchable Daft Punk. There's so much goodness, starting with the funky bass guitar solo that opens the track. The synthesizer and drums then join in and you know you're in for a treat. There's plenty of jammin', thumping bass, and more of that great bass guitar solo ahead. Enjoy!

Pluton - Moustache Machine
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Moustache Machine

100 Posts!

Yesterday marks the 100th post for The End Starts Today.  I'm not sure what to say about that exactly.  It seems as though the blog is still just starting out, learning to crawl.

Some days I am so eager to choose a song and photo, it's the first thing I do after brushing my teeth in the morning. Other days I find myself scrambling to find a few minutes between work and personal life to create a post.

Overall I'm proud of how far we've come, and the momentum that we've created.  I'm filled with excitement when someone comments, emails, or tells me in person that they love a song that we've put up.

I'd like to express thanks to jonyangorg who is as much a contributor as a founder. I'd also like to thank the readers. And most of all I'd like to thank the artists, without their hard work and amazing creations we'd have nothing to blog about.

We're just getting started here.

Little Things

This smoky throwback-style song has been on my recent playlist for more than one reason.  The lyrics are fun, and emotional but I perceive them in a somewhat ironic tone. I love when she says "I don't sweat the little things".

Little Things - The Peach Kings
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The Peach Kings


I forget how much I like this song until I get to the middle of it.  The start is a slight cacophony of strings. But when the song really gets underway I feel good about it and smile. Enjoy!

Antiphonie - Discodeine
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Cocaine Blues

Dancin' people get your glitter and meet me on the dance floor! Prepare to catch the funky afro roller-skate disco-ball strobe light feeling that's coming at you fast.

"A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork
That's the way we spell New York"

TheEndStartsToday does not condone the use of actual cocaine, only musical cocaine. So kids, make good decisions while rocking' out. Enjoy!

Cocaine Blues - Escort
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Broken Ribs

If the title of this song didn't imply pain to some degree, I would probably feel different about the tone of the song as it's somewhat fun and slightly dark. I've never had a broken rib, or ribs, but I'm confident there's pain involved. I appreciate the soft and subtle beginning and end of this song. Enjoy!

Broken Ribs - Peace
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Select Sundays: Last Songs

Recently I was on the hunt for instrumental songs to set to video and came across this track that caught my attention immediately. I didn't know Dntel was Jimmy Tamborello's alter ego (and one half of Postal Service). With this knowledge under my belt, this song makes so much more sense. We didn't end up using Last Songs for our video because of the audio "glitches" but I think it plays much better to the imagination anyway.


"Big fat kick drum makes the girlies get some"

I love when dance music is about feeling good and having fun, so does Felix Da Housecat apparently. It does take more than a fun one-liner for a track to win me over, and this track backs that up.  There's a great bassline, great arrangement, and lots of positive energy oozing out of this track. Bump it, then find yourself singing it in your head minutes later. Enjoy!

Kickdrum (The Chaotic Good Remix) - Felix Da Housecat
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Felix Da Housecat | The Chaotic Good

Walking Away

This track takes me back in time to when I couldn't get enough of that French filtered house sound. I love the sound of her voice over this dance track.  The arrangement is simple and effective, there's no gimmicks, just simple dance music production. Toward the end there's a bit of a BeeGee's appearance (by sample only). Enjoy!

Walking Away (Feat. Shell Heaven Lee) - Druma Kina
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Druma Kina | Shell Heaven Lee

Everything To Me

The first time I heard this song I was completely seduced by it. I'm ready to take a holiday with you. The soft keyboards, the sexy strings, and of course her lovely vocals singing about how great it would be to get away with me. "It would mean everything to me if we could take a holiday" - talk about being into someone, how flattering. Enjoy!

Everything To Me - LIPS
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Colour Me In

The contrast of this song is turned up to the max.  Notice the silky angelic voice fluttering over sharp jagged sounds. I can't distinguish each and every instrument/sound that makeup this song, there's some strings, some keyboards, and some ambient -noise. It all works really well together, and reminds me of those moments when you notice the beauty of something that isn't generally thought of as beautiful. Enjoy!

Colour Me In - Broadcast
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Los Feeling

Few songs get you hooked the second you hear them. The moment my ears laid eyes on Los Feeling it was love. Veteran Alan Braxe has sprinkled magic on plenty of tracks, but this one sets the standard. The progressive builds are interesting yet euphoric, the vocals swim alongside the electronic instrumentation. And before you realize it, you've listened to the song three times back to back to back and haven't had enough. Enjoy!

Los Feeling (Alan Braxe Remix) - Visitor
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Visitor | Alan Braxe

Select Sundays: Tell Me What It's Worth

British import Dev Hynes is a name known to some, but clearly I wasn't cool enough to find out about him until now. His previous band, the Test Icicles were wild and crazy and got him known but it's his Lightspeed Champion persona that I love. It was hard to just pick one track of his to showcase as I liked so much of his stuff. Actually, I don't even have both of his albums yet, so if you do, hook me up!

Tell Me What It's Worth - Lightspeed Champion
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Lightspeed Champion

Big Boys Don't Cry

I don't know for a fact if big boys are criers, but I do know that this song is so good it makes me want to cry. Perhaps I'm no big boy. A deep house song with a horns section and whispering vocals, yea, I didn't think it would work either. But it sure does work!
When that bassline and keyboards hit, you know you're in for a treat. And when the kick drum follows, you're already in full head bob. Enjoy!

Big Boys Don't Cry - Aeroplane
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Passion Pit delivers a number on Gotye's already solid track. At about three and a half minutes in to the song you're taken through hyperspace at ludicrous speed. Also of note the tribal drums deliver on this track as well. Enjoy!

Learnalilgivinanlovin' (Passion Pit Remix) - Gotye
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Gotye | Passion Pit


I love the Wombats. I love Grum. I love Wombats remixed by Grum!

I just love the vocal chorus line that plays throughout this track. Grum slows down the vocals a bit, and steps up the amazing four on the floor beat that your body moves so easily to.  I'm a fan of the original track and official video, which is worth a click, but I love this remix.  Notice the background vocals, they're just spot on. Enjoy!

Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) (Grum Remix) - The Wombats
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The Wombats | Grum

Who's Afraid Of Detroit?

This house anthem is heavy and dark. I've heard it on the dance floor, and seen what this track is capable of. The bumpy bass and bouncy melody transforms a crowd into a rough sea of hands and heads. "uh hu". Enjoy!

Who's Afraid Of Detroit? (Tanner Ross Remix) - Claude VonStroke
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Claude VonStroke | Tanner Ross

The Vent

Carefully constructed lyrics and rhymes speak to me. The Vent strikes me as both of these characteristics, with lines like:

"Most people stop for signs but I've driven through it,
If it don't touch my soul then I can't listen to it
the radio don't play this shit i used to love
or maybe i'm just growing up"

I've been feeling extra critical about Hip-Hop music these days, and perhaps it's because I'm so far away from the target demographic of 16-23 years old. This track stands out to me, for being somewhat positive but moreso I don't feel that my intelligence is insulted by this song. It really is a beautiful combination of beats and rhymes with Big K.R.I.T.'s sincere voice and smooth delivery. Enjoy!

The Vent - Big K.R.I.T.
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Big K.R.I.T.

Select Sundays: Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl

This is a Young Buffalo cover of a Broken Social Scene track. I'll tell you right now, the cover is better. That's a totally subjective opinion of course. You decide for yourself. It's a hard thing with covers and remixes. You want to pay homage to the original but need to give it your own spin. This one does all that and more, simply by scaling down and switching genders.

Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl (Broken Social Scene cover) - Young Buffalo
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Broken Social Scene | Young Buffalo

Somebody That I Used To Know

Don't let this sad song make you sad.  Gotye starts this track off with delicate string plucks, and elementary percussion, allowing you to focus fully on his voice. I love the duet style: he's hurt, she's hurt -you've got a 2 sided song vs. the traditional 1 sided song.  Gotye's voice reminds me of the male vocal style popular in 80's power ballads. Enjoy!

Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye
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Kaskade's signature sound shines bright on this track.  Angelic vocals, soft soulful sounds, and an undeniably danceable beat converge for just over 7 minutes to make up this song. You know what you're in for before the 2 minute mark the only thing you don't know is just how good it's going to get.  The songs manages to be humble yet epic. Enjoy!

Eyes Feat. Mindy Gledhill (Extended Mix) - Kaskade
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Kaskade | Mindy Gledhill

Beginning Of The Heartbreak/Don't Don't

At first this song may appear to be the beginning of one song plus the ending of another song resulting in almost 9 minutes of an awkward two song smash together. But after a bit of digging, that's how it is on the album, so I guess it's an intentional composition.

Regardless, I love the beginning and how it reminds me of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. Towards the end there's a big of female vocals that feel very uppity and fun, even though they are singing "please don't leave me baby". Enjoy!

Beginning Of The Heartbreak/Don't Don't - Peter Gordon & Love Of Live Orchestra
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Peter Gordon & Love Of Live Orchestra

Ice Cream

From the first note this song builds up only to break down into an amazingly upbeat and fun track. I was not sure what to expect from a collaboration from Matias Aguayo and Battles, but I am pleased with the outcome.  The song is fun, goofy, and most importantly sounds good. Enjoy!

Ice Cream (Feat. Matias Aguayo) - Battles
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Battles | Matias Aguayo


When I'm not paying attention, I forget that this song is primarily voices and guitars. Perhaps the reason for that impression is the beginning harmonica.  Regardless this song has great depth while only having 2 instruments. Take a few listens to get lost the lyrics. Enjoy!

Glorify - Ivan & Aloysha
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Ivan & Aloysha

Select Sundays: The Birds Part 1

First Justin Bieber and now Abel Tesfaye. Canada keeps sending us their best musical imports and The Weeknd (minus the "e") is next. Of course, the two couldn't be more opposite. Tesfaye is new generation R&B, just put out his second self-released album, and sings about sex and drugs. This track off Thursday has a marching beat that serves as a call to action. Our neighbors to the North are coming to take over our airwaves! Bieber's already made his mark, but Tesfaye is on his way too.

The Birds Part 1 - The Weekend
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The Weekend

It Takes To Be A Man

A dash of grit a little bit of silk, and a lot of awesomeness must be what The Rapture pulled together when composing this song. From the beginning I'm hooked with that simple piano sample accompanied by thunderous drums. Then towards the end of the song in comes a grand saxophone to take us home. Enjoy!

It Takes To Be A Man - The Rapture
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The Rapture


There's something about a heavy bassline with elegant instrumentation to accompany it. This track feels like the gentile giant, shaking the earth with each step, yet emitting a message of serenity.  I especially enjoy the piano in this song, it's great song to drive to with the volume up. Enjoy!

Organic - Skream
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