Somewhere I missed the memo on when Halloween went from scary to funny and slutty. I prefer a scary Halloween, with zombies. This track has a standout vocal sample: "Yes I've seen zombies. I've seen someone who has died and come back to life!"

This track hits hard and is made to rock the big room on a scary night. zombies, zombies, zombies... Enjoy!

Zombies - Herve
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Select Sundays: My Body's A Zombie For You

Most Halloweens I'm trapped indoors trying to avoid children and grown ups dressed (and acting) like children in equal measure.  This year, I may just have to welcome everyone in to listen to this track because it's perfect for the season.  I mean, c'mon, how can you resist the kids that open and close the song? You'll want to chant "I'm a Z-O-M-B-I-E" all night long too. One more thing, Dead Man's Bones consists of Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields. Yes, that Ryan Gosling.

My Body's A Zombie For You - Dead Man's Bones
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Dead Man's Bones

The Big Bad Wolf

Often I find myself taking dance music a bit too seriously. Granted dance can be a very serious thing, and so can fun, which is how I have validated spending serious money on serious fun. But once in a while something comes along and reminds me that although music is a multi billion dollar industry, it exists for me to enjoy.

Duck Sauce brought me back to reality with this one. The howling wolf, the big bad wolf sample, the pseudo-tribal drum machine, it's goofy and it's great. They even put a drop that finishes in complete silence. That's a very ballsy thing to do with a dance song, dead air can be a floor clearer. But in this song, it just works. I'll be sure to dance my ass off when I hear the big bad wolf hit the floor.

The Big Bad Wolf (Original Mix) - Duck Sauce
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Duck Sauce

Super Duper Rescue Heads!

There's a great mix of indie rock, japanese pop-rock, and cute in this track. The melody is my favorite part. The song reaches maximum resonance with me when her tiny voice sings "how long, how long, you're lucky so and so" along with that subtle bassline. The song is somewhat all over the place at times, which is a characteristic of some Japanese styled music that I've come to appreciate. Enjoy!

Super Duper Rescue Heads! - Deerhoof
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Listening to this song with my eyes closed I find myself in a log cabin high up in the mountains with beautiful nature, crisp fresh air, and my guitar. Well, I don't own a guitar, nor can I play one but you get the point.  Simple life, simple pleasures, and the longing to be close to that special person. I love the simplicity of this track, especially the whistling. Enjoy!

Bloom - The Paper Kites
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The Paper Kites


This song makes me feel "80's pretty". The male vocals have a very signature 80's style to them. I love the male-female interaction throughout the track. What makes this song modern is the heavy distortion bass that appears and disappears during the bridge, and I think that is what makes the difference. Enjoy!

Dreamers - Savior Adore
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Savior Adore


"Chuck Norris's tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried"

How can my mind not read Nuck Chorris as Chuck Norris? Regardless, this track is simply beautiful.  It's a string ensemble with a drum machine, which I feel is a perfect blend of classic and modern. I simply love the violins, dancing around carelessly with each other while the rest of the songs create a world for them to dance in. Enjoy!

Blue - Nuck Chorris
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Nuck Chorris

Select Sundays: 40oz to Freedom Mixtape

Something a little different this Sunday. Every few months, I collect the songs I've been listening to into a handy dandy mixtape and that's what I'll be sharing today. A few of these tracks have been featured by me on T.E.S.T. but many of them are new to the blog. Please download and enjoy!

40oz to Freedom
Track list - Zip file
40 songs, 2 hr 20 mins, 248.8 MB

Pirate Bay

Am I speculating that the song title and the vocal sample "we will be free" have anything to do with a specific website, nope. I could search for the reported answer but what I really care about is how much I like this song. The track is an explosion of energy. It starts off giving the notion that far more is close on the way, as soon as those drums kick in you know you're about to rock. Enjoy!

Baby's Breath

Holy cow what a voice. The simple guitar plucking and soft harmonica beginning had me thinking to myself "okay, what is this cowboy stuff". Then that voice knocked me down. His voice owns the song. The instrumentation appears to be somewhat simple at first, though the song picks up tempo and slows down, it's very precise without gloating that it is.

I can imagine Quentin Tarantino making a classic scene to this song. Enjoy!

Baby's Breath - Bill Callahan
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Bill Callahan


From the first note this song starts to build up, at the 1min mark I think things start getting underway.  However it's the quiet before the storm. Shortly after I've got the urge to scream "I am Titaaaaaanniiiiiuuummm"!! I like the composition of the track, but to me the standout is the lyrics. Enjoy!

Titanium Feat Sia (dBerrie Remix) - David Guetta
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David Guetta | Sia | dBerrie

I Still Love You

I wasn't sure if this was a male or female vocal upon first hearing this track (and not focusing on the lyrics but focusing on the voice).  I must say the production, the vocals, and the lyrics are outstanding on this R&B slash dancehall track. The simple sample and percussion are so fitting while the background vocals fill the song with body.

I Still Love You Feat. Andrea Martin - Switch
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Switch | Andrea Martin


Most people know a good anthem when it slaps them across the face and pushes them onto the dance floor.  This anthem is no different. The ups are up, and the breakdowns literally stop. I am especially a fan of the electrifying synthesized organ. Enjoy!

Select Sundays: Ventura Highway

Now I'm not old enough to know when the band America was top of the charts but this track is pretty timeless. Sure maybe you recognize it from Janet Jackson's "Someone to Call My Lover" like I did, but there's quite a few other subtle head nods to this overlooked gem. For one, the song has some interesting lyrics, including "purple rain," which Prince apparently co-opted later for his own use. And then Jesse "The Body" Ventura -- former WWF wrestling star and governor of Minnesota -- may have taken his wrestling name from the song title. I guess if you're gonna name your band after a whole country, you better make some influential classics.

America - Ventura Highway
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The Weekend

Whether it's Friday or not, you can still sing along with validity "so bring it on, bring on the weekend". I like the slow yet heavy mood of this song. Her voice glides on top of the shimmering synths and fat bassline. Enjoy!

The Weekend - Class Actress
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Class Actress


There's a vicious animal on a manhunt. The breakdown of this song grabs me by the throat and lifts me off of my feet, while the natives watch while hidden in the jungle's canopy. I especially love that breakdown with the sticks clanking and her fantastic voice. Enjoy!

Shake - The Golden Filter
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The Golden Filter

Golden Blood

There's something about the overall sound of this song that captures what I've been searching for these days.  I will say that I'm a big background vocal fan, and this track has great background vocals. But it's more than that. The song creates a moment where digital and analog sounds coexist happily (granted I can't confirm if the analog sounds are truly analog, but I'm not splitting hairs here). Enjoy!

Golden Blood - Friends Electric
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Friends Electric


We're going deep, real deep! If you aren't singing along half way thorough this track, you need to go get your sexy-soul-music meter serviced. The vocals on this song are silky smooth. The piano chords walk heavily across the song, which is probably my favorite part. Enjoy!

Eruption - Crazy P
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Crazy P


The moment I heard Big, I just knew. Those strong piano chords pounding at the beginning of the song sent chills. I was just hoping that a horrible vocal track didn't kill the song (as I've experienced so frequently).  But gradually vocal samples are brought in, with some background vocals -and bam. The song flows so well, from build, to break, and back. Epic anthem. Enjoy!

Big (Oliver Remix) - Secret Sound System
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Secret Sound System | Oliver

Select Sundays: Shark in the Water

I'm a sucker for songs with animals in the title. I'm also a sucker for distinctive hairstyles. Vanessa Brown is known for her trademark retro fringe, which seems like something I can get behind. And while this song doesn't seem that much different than some other fare, it's instantly catchy because you get to sing along about sharks. What else do you want?

Shark in the Water
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V V Brown

Maximum Voyage

Maximum Voyage gives maximum flute-ness. I love a strong flute dancing over a deep house beat. Another instrument I love over a deep house beat is the xylophone, and this track has both! I like to sit back and enjoy 10 minutes of beautiful, danceable sounds coming together.

Maximum Voyage - Julius Papp
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Julius Papp

Nervously Knocking

Only after a few listens did this song make sense to me. There's an intentional syncopation offset that grabs your ear and tells you that something is wrong. However, I like how the heavily reverbed vocal flutters in the background while you listen to the street drums pound along with the rest of the rhythm. Enjoy!

Nervously Knocking - Super88
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All In

Dubstep can be a four letter word, especially when used to describe a remix of the hottest top 40 pop song. Although, simply because there's current saturation doesn't mean quality is non-existent. I'm really enjoying the lyrics, piano, and womp womp womp of this track. "All lights are green, if you know what I mean. Can you take it all in?" Enjoy!

All In - Dubba  Jonny
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Dubba Jonny

Concealed Identity

Get your inner ninja ready for battle. This track takes the tempo of an old martial arts movie, from howling winds, sword clanks, and the persistent war drum. I love everything about this track, the long spaces before the strike, the vocal samples, the pace, the +9 minute length. This song is timeless drum and bass. You don't know if it was produced in the mid 90's or yesterday. Enjoy!

Concealed Identity - Source Direct
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Source Direct

Drunk and Crazy

This song should be titled 'Precise and Elegant', per it's complex composition and eclectic journey. Mogwai must have been very sober and alert when composing this, reaching back to a time when he was drunk and crazy for inspiration. 

Heavily distorted electric guitars open the song giving me a preconceived notion that the song will later bloom into all out chaos. This is when he introduces a refined mix of violins and pianos --there may be a cello in there as well. And it all finishes together with the strength of a bulldozer. Enjoy!

Select Sundays: Save the World

Sometimes a song just sends you into a mood doesn't it? I was going through some of Edward Burns' filmography and this track came up during Nice Guy Johnny and I just had to have it. P.T. Walkley seems to have taken his career straight toward soundtracks and ad work, circumventing the "I make indie music but how do I get paid?" problem very neatly.