Nothing Inside

I've been jamming to both of these songs lately, and they are both so different that I couldn't choose one over the other to blog.  The club mix has an epic build, and I can't get enough of her voice over the piano, quickly followed by strings, and then BAM!
The Adam F mix has a completely different element, with the sped up bridge right at the beginning of the song, giving in a far more aggressive and dark feel. This one comes at you with a breakbeat style (the kick drum on every other 4-count vs. the kick drum on every 4-count) and really gives a dramatic difference. Enjoy!

Nothing Inside feat. Mayaeni (Club Mix) - Sander Van Doorn
Nothing Inside feat. Mayaeni (Adam F Mix) - Sander Van Doorn
Download MP3 (Club Mix)
Download MP3 (Adam F Mix)
Sander Van Doorn | Mayaeni | Adam F

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