Why Even Try

Jon went to a Theophilus London show in NYC a while back, and he somehow managed to miss the performance of this song with Sara Quin. Personally I'm a humungous fan of Tegan and Sara, so I stressed the importance of him seeing this.  Alas, RAC has sprinkled just the right amount of his magic on this track, there's a fun imbalance of happy feelings and uplifting beats for the melancholy song lyrics. Enjoy!

Why Even Try Feat. Sara Quin (RAC Remix) - Theophilus London
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Theophilus London | Sara Quin


jonyangorg said...

I was there for the Mariah remix! Or was it Whitey. RAC!

reena said...

oh boy. jon, that night sums up our life story; "10 minutes too late"