I'm a humongous Gui Boratto fan, so when I heard he'd be in San Francisco tonight I had to get tickets, which meant missing a friend's birthday celebration. When his album Take My Breath Away was released I was instantly in love with the track Azzura. Months later a friend introduced me to this 'It's Not The Same Version'.

This version is so slightly different that unless you pay attention, it's difficult to tell the difference. However, I notice these subtle differences and greatly appreciate them. It is a tad zippier, snappier and has more of a laser sound. The small pops and sizzles laid over the track is just the right amount of spicy to let all the other flavors stand out even more. Needless to say I'm super excited to see Gui spin tonight. Enjoy!

Azzura (It's Not The Same Version) - Gui Boratto (right click to save as)
Gui Boratto

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jonyangorg said...

Slamming! I hope you get to see him...