The Skull Hand Smiles / May You Fare Well

I get it, this is a long song. In fact, the first 2 minutes is basically bass guitar plucking with some ambient sounds setting the stage. I like the fact that Drift takes their time on this song, breaking out of the need to power pack a song into a 3minute 30 second container made for radio. The drums hit at the 7 minute mark, and the track takes form. I love an epic, and this is definitely an epic. Enjoy!
The Skull Hand Smiles / May You Fare Well - Drift (right click to save as)

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Indeed that was quite the unique song we've heard thus far. It's like they're saying they're not really after attention from people but rather are intent of playing good music, which in fact takes time to formulate. Such great melody and a work of art as people might say.