We Used To Dance

For me, this is one of the most epic of songs. The beat is so deep. It's one of those beats that can play all night and I'd be able to dance nonstop.
Then there's the voice. It's just so perfect, talking about every day of the week, where they went to dance. The vibe is genuine, there's no attitude boasting the message of "I was there before you".  The story is similar to that of a junkie, just scoring hit after hit, but this junkie's heroin is dancing the night away.
I love how he paints a vivid picture, not powder coating anything, explaining how bad things were at times, but "we didn't care, we just wanted to dance". Some of the places he mentions (DNA, The End Up) still exist here in our fair city of San Francisco, which makes things even more fun. I've blasted this song for years, and will do so for years to come. Enjoy!

We Used To Dance - Dubtribe Sound System (right click to save as)
Dubtribe Sound System

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