Go To Me

There's something very Michael Cera and Ellen Page about this song. The simple strings and xylophone at the beginning and the whistling and horns at the end emit that indie-film feel. What continues to win me over about this song is the raw emotion captured in his voice when he really starts to let it go. The song is sincere. Enjoy!

Go To Me - Jordan Klassen
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Jordan Klassen

All In My Fridge

I love a light and playful song, especially if it's got a slamming groove. So when I heard Shindu's song about asian food in the refrigerator, I was initially thinking "wait... what?". But I had to re-listen cause that catchy vocal melody and high distortion bass line left an impression on me. The more I listened, the more it just made sense. "Chinese Japanese it's all in my Fridge, BITCH!" Enjoy!

All In My Fridge (Cosmonauts Remix) - Shindu
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Shindu | Cosmonauts

Select Sundays: That's the Way

This one's for the old guys and gals in the audience. When's the last time you thought about Mason Betha? Like five minutes ago right? This might technically be DJ Clue's track -- as you can tell by his annoying call outs -- but it's really Mase's best work! "Mase too smooth, call me debonair / hits every year, so shake your derriere."

That's the Way - Ma$e
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Ma$e featuring Fabolous and Foxy Brown

You And I

This little electronic love ballad pulls together nice elements of electronic music production along with keep-it-simple-stupid lyric composition. I appreciate how this song comes off as a somewhat stripped down and simple, all the way down to the "da da da dad da's" at the end. It's cute, it's fun, and it's got power in the bass drum. Enjoy!

You And I - Allosaurus
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Magic Tape 19

I've been steadily impressed by the Magician's Magic Tape series. Many people anticipate the next Magic Tape, and with good reason.  Magic Tape 19 has a superb track selection, moving your mental state from high energy floor shakin' to dreamy disco 70's flashback to the future. The set is just under 50 minutes, just long enough to get you from work to home with a smile never leaving your face. Enjoy!

Magic Tape 19 - The Magician
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The Magician

Hard To Smile

When the man has got you beat down, play this song to express your emo-ness. I love the Tupac sample in this track.  The music is soothing, driving, and hits true. In fact, my friend said he was going through some rough times at work, and this was his anthem. I sorta laugh about that thought every time I play this song. Enjoy!

Hard To Smile - ENiGMA Dubz
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Metronomy takes a sexy song and makes it sexier.  This song feels like it's at 49 bpm, super slow and super perfect.  The bass is so deep that you probably won't hear it on  your $2 white earbuds, so find a decent system to jam this to. Hearing her voice almost whisper the lyrics "5:55, no sleep tonight" sends tingles down my spine. Enjoy!

5:55 (Metronomy Remix) - Charlotte Gainsbourg
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Charlotte Gainsbourg | Metronomy


Need a little cowbell to start off your morning? Here's your cure! Okay okay the cowbell may carry a bit of a bad rep, but it fades to the background after the intro of this song, and a beautiful vocal sample singing about dancing and Barcelona serenade your groove loving ears. I love the bassline and synths that accompany her voice. This track comes together tight and strong. Repeat. Enjoy!

Barcelona (Lifelike Remix) - The Plasticines
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The Plasticines | Lifelike

Select Sundays: The Catcher in the Rye

Tobias Isaksson is Azure Blue, and one review I read of his album contained this line: "Isaksson's obvious affection for the know-it-when-you-hear-it microgenre of John Hughes Sad Songs for Young Lovers."  I'm not sure what that means exactly but I like it.  What this particular track has to do with Catcher in the Rye is beyond me -- I can't stand the book -- but I like what this song does to my mood.

The Catcher in the Rye - Azure Blue
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Azure Blue

The End Starts Today Mixtape #2

Last month I posted Mixtape #1, and I have to say that it feels good to be posting Mixtape #2 today. Each mixtape is its own entity with a unique personality and journey.  In composing this mix I felt that the dramatic differences in tracks parallels how I've been feeling about recent music, though not all the tracks are recent releases. The songs are thoughtfully chosen, carefully mixed, and ready to be played. Sit back, listen, and enjoy!

The mix is 52 mins long and consists of 12 tracks:

Runaway  - Glass Fingers
Stop Me (Chicken Lips Remix) - Mark Ronson
Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix) - Couer De Pirate
Gimme Twice - The Concept
Platonique - L'efance
New Year's Kiss - Flagwhite
'Till I Disappear - Yellow Ostrich
Table Beggar (Radio Edit) - Loose Fit
Adrenalin - Scuba
Helsinki Art Scene (Taika Club Remix) - Satellite Stories
Heaven is a Bitch (Nas vs. Led Zepplin vs. Gramatik Edit) - Vico Ono
Featherstone - The Paper Kites

The End Starts Today Mixtape #2 - The Nose
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The Nose

The Sun

I dig how this track starts out - long and slow electric piano chords.   Then the muted kick drum, and slowly things build. It's similar to a sun rise, first just a bit of light, then the ball, and before you know it you're blanketed in sun rays or in this song's literal case, beautiful distortion.  This track feels like a continuos crescendo, just like a sun rise. Enjoy!

The Sun - The Naked And Famous
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The Naked And Famous

Fires and French Horns

There are so many elements to this track that pull me in.  The essence of acoustic guitar, the tambourine, and of course her voice initially grabbed me. The synths accompanied by some spaceship zips and zings add a fun and light element tot the track. I love when she says "I've got the right words" over and over again. Enjoy!

Fires and French Horns (Alf Tumble Remix) - Halina Larsson
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Halina Larsson | Alf Tumble


This is not just another hip hop love song.  I enjoy the soft and vulnerable beginning, which then is interrupted with that bassline going through massive distortion effects. But then his vocals come, and that's what stands out to me.  I like how the vocals are raw, selfish, realistic, and emotional. It's as if this track is written lyrically as an inner-monolouge instead of a polished final draft of heartbroken feelings delivered to that ex-lover. Enjoy!

Heartbeat - Childish Gambino
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Childish Gambino


The groovy bassline, the dancing piano, and the xylophone-style synths get my feet moving and head bobbing.  The song isn't so much in your face, as the builds and breaks are slightly subtle and classy.  Yet, I still have that adrenaline pumping dance floor smashing desire when I jam this track.  Lastly, the tail end of the song has a bit of background male vocals that really tie things together for me. Enjoy!

Nobody (Mitzi Remix) - Cassian
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Cassian | Mitzi

Select Sundays: Genesis

A lot of great things come out of Canada and Claire Boucher is the latest.  Based out of Montreal, Grimes opened for Lykke Li and she's likely to soon become just as large.  In a very short time, Grimes has shot from obscurity to Internet fave and if this track is any indication of her talent, I'm all in.

Genesis - Grimes
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Don't Move

It only takes 3-4 key seconds of a song to stick in my head all day. "Shake Shake Shake" does it for me. I've been humming this song for a while now, and each time I listen I realize just how good it is. Her voice is amazing, the music is catchy but not cheesy, and it all comes together so well. Enjoy!

Don't Move - Phantogram
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The track title is noon, but I feel that this song takes place 12hrs from noon when it's pitch black. I blame the ambient cricket and owl sounds. When all of a sudden mid song I find myself enjoying the pleasures of daytime noon, enjoying the feeling of sunny weather with no work tearing me away from sunlight. The slightly distorted sounds slowly crescendo through the song and give just right right touch of ambiance to this track. Enjoy!

Noon - Dakent
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The Lover's Quadrant

I really enjoy the melody of the male vocals at the beginning.  This silky smooth track has tons of mojo and groove, but with a kick of energy so you're not left slow dancing on the dance floor.  I'm also a big fan of the catchy chorus "We can forget our past, I just wanna see you dance". Enjoy!

The Lover's Quadrant Feat. Palmer Reed - Future Sound
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Future Sound

Luminary Ones

"It's been a long time since I've had some, fun
We used to be the lum-in-ar-y ones"

I just love how "luminary ones" comes off as one long five syllable word.  This is the type of song that completely smashes the dance floor with its huge build up and breakdown.  There is a special place in my heart for that guitar that comes in towards the beginning, it fits so well. Enjoy!

Luminary Ones (Denzal Park Remix) - Rebecca & Fiona
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Rebecca & Fiona | Denzal Park


There are many things that stand out to me in this track. The drum solo that starts the song out sounds like the drum set is being played in a school gymnasium. Then that organ comes in, and sends chills up my spine. His vocals are unexpectedly raspy and rusty, and I just love how everything comes together to sound so strong and emotional. Enjoy!

Dirt - Wu Lyf
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Wu Lyf

Select Sundays: Sex

With a sound directly created to mimic 1960's American Motown, this British pop band has gone through quite a few different lineups. Indeed, no original member remains and there's not much to be said for their authenticity or originality. Still, I love many of their songs and this is a great one. Also, their backing band is named "The Cassettes."

Sex - The Pipettes
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The Pipettes

Jimmie's Still Jimmie

Guitar... Voice... Drums... Check!  This song uses a simple and very un-original formula. But when music is done right, everyone and anyone just knows. And this, is a track that's done right.
I love love love the "ohh la la la la la la" background vocals, which again is probably THE most unoriginal background vocal -but it's oh so good. The lyrics are witty, entertaining, and fantastic to sing along with.

"Shake and shimmy, cause Jimmies' still Jimmie"


Jimmie's Still Jimmie - Joel Plaskett and Shotgun Jimmie
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Joel Plaskett and Shotgun Jimmie

Metal Like Blood

Jump into synth and sex mode on this one. Airy-sexy male vocals normally don't do it for me, but on this track they just work. I'm also digging that triple hit snare that occurs only a few times throughout the song.  And of course, that bassline although simple, sure sticks with you. Enjoy!

Metal Like Blood - Modern Humanist
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Modern Humanist

It's Not Just A Nose Job

During the holiday times, when the internet was fast asleep and everyone was packing away turkey, gravy, presents, vacation days, and chilly weather the entire staff here at The End Starts Today was busy working on a complete redesign of the site.

Ya see, this is how things used to look here:

But after thousands of man hours, terabytes of bandwidth, sweat, coffee, tears, naps, and an occasional breakfast burrito with green salsa the site now looks like this:

Yep! The End Starts Today is now officially the worlds most sexiest blog as voted by our moms. It also will continue onwards and upwards as [our mom's] favorite blog website of all time.

Finally, I shall conclude this rather atypical post (for this blog) with a list of proven Facts:

1.) The title font name is "Aldo The Apache".
2.) The fire extinguisher logo-idea came about by authorized use of the worlds fastest super computer, thanks NASA.
3.) The breakfast burritos contained potatoes, which caused some people to deny the validity of their breakfast-ness.
4.) T.E.S.T. (The End Starts Today) shall continue posting what we feel is super fantastic music.


Hot Drum

Those first few piano chords just grab your face and make you smile. This upbeat track full of powerful drum rolls and cymbal crashes makes me yearn for sunshine and wind. Enjoy!

Hot Drum - The Hunting Accident
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The Hunting Accident

Trust Fall

This soft synth track takes a bit of R&B, some soul, and a dash of tropical nightlife and mixes it together.  The electric guitars chiming in every few seconds, with the deep masculine voice saying "Trust" give the track a bit of light and fun essence. Enjoy!

Trust Fall (Jensen Sportag Remix) - Madi Diaz
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Madi Diaz | Jensen Sportag

In Love, Not Limbo

The gentle plucking of strings and hard hit of the drums during the beginning of this song are so good, and things just get better from there.  The beautiful sample of Karen O's voice from the song Maps brings familiarity to a track that feels completely different than the one it was taken from. This track was one of my 2011 favorites, and will get plenty of play in 2012. Enjoy!

In Love, Not Limbo - Of Oceans
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Of Oceans

Select Sundays: When the Night Falls

I'm pretty certain nearly everyone has heard Chromeo and Mayer Hawthorne before. How about together though?  While this cover certainly isn't new, it's the type of track that keeps you coming back again and again and it seems perfect for ringing in the new year. Plus, any lyrics that include "hifalutin" is a winner by me. Let this smoove groove slide you into 2012.

When the Night Falls - Chromeo (Mayer Hawthorne cover)
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Chromeo | Mayer Hawthorne