He's been compared to Bob Dylan everywhere, so I won't do it here. I love his grit and guitar style, which pulls at the strings of emotion when he's belting out some of these lyrics. This song has a nice touch of electric guitar over the solid acoustic rhythm strumming. Enjoy!

1904 - Tallest Man On Earth
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Tallest Man On Earth

... Passing By

I am always on the lookout for a decent downtempo song to play before going to sleep. Okay, bedtime is not the only time I'm in the mood for some slow tempo jams, but it's first that comes to mind. I dig the progression on this song, and the sweeping strings paint a horizon against what sounds like a digital metronome snare drum. That is, until the real drums come in, and crash all over the place. Enjoy!

... Passing By - Ulrich Schnauss
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Ulrich Schnauss


I love to listen to the strings on this song. It starts with a beautiful plucked guitar, and later violins are introduced.  There is something special about the way he sings the words from his mouth, it's got that signature 70's emotion.  If you really really listen you can just make out his foot tapping to the beat during some of the song. I love geeking out to stuff like that. Enjoy!

Genesis - Jorma Kaukonen
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Jorma Kaukonen

EDM Medley #1

My friend posted this on FB, apparently this is a friend of one of my friends. I love her voice. It's fun how she takes these songs that you can't really escape unless you live in a world without electricity, and makes them feel brand new (yet you can still sing along to). She's covered them well, and transitions them even better. This is what I'd play on repeat during the quiet ride home after raving till 6am. Enjoy!

EDM Medley #1 - Tara Porter
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Tara Porter

Select Sundays: Hate Fuckers

Some songs, when you hear the first few measures, you already know are yours. This is one of those tracks for me. I love everything about this song, from the opening stiff guitar picking, to the dropped in bass, and then on to the chanty lackadaisical singing. And c'mon, what a band name, "Wrassle Mania!" So here's to you folks out there who don't care. Just like me.

Hate Fuckers - Wrassle Mania
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Wrassle Mania

Nothing Inside

I've been jamming to both of these songs lately, and they are both so different that I couldn't choose one over the other to blog.  The club mix has an epic build, and I can't get enough of her voice over the piano, quickly followed by strings, and then BAM!
The Adam F mix has a completely different element, with the sped up bridge right at the beginning of the song, giving in a far more aggressive and dark feel. This one comes at you with a breakbeat style (the kick drum on every other 4-count vs. the kick drum on every 4-count) and really gives a dramatic difference. Enjoy!

Nothing Inside feat. Mayaeni (Club Mix) - Sander Van Doorn
Nothing Inside feat. Mayaeni (Adam F Mix) - Sander Van Doorn
Download MP3 (Club Mix)
Download MP3 (Adam F Mix)
Sander Van Doorn | Mayaeni | Adam F

The Number One

What we've got here is a dab of dubstep, a hint of oldies, and a very familiar hook that give this track it's personality. I am normally not a fan of remixes using overly popular songs, however when something is done right, it is clearly done right.  From first listen I've had "one is the loneliest number" stuck in my head. Enjoy!

The Number One - Stenchman
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I Walked Alone

I am a fan of the original track, but this remix adds a bit more for me. The rapid cowbell, the way the beat drops for the vocals to make a deep footprint in your mind with "I walked alone..."There's a great energy to this song, with the pianos and the spirited bassline.  Enjoy!

I Walked Alone (Get A Room! Remix) - Yacht
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Yacht | Get A Room!

Virgin Suicide

The first thing that stood out to me of this warm and soft song was the chorus.  The verse and bridge are smooth and slightly upbeat, which accentuates the chorus for me.  I love the background vocals during the chorus, along with "you wanted everything,  you wanted everything". Enjoy!

Virgin Suicide - Van She
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Van She


This is a song that was before its time. I love the combination of bouncy bassline and heavy slam every other beat of the four-count. The samples are cut and inserted perfectly, before you know it the track is over and you've hit play again. Enjoy!

11h30 - Danger
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Select Sundays: Dinner

This one is an oldie but goodie.  I've already covered my undying love for Devonte Hynes -- as Lightspeed Champion -- and here's another side of his musicness.  (Music-cality?)  On this one he's teamed up with Grizzy Bear's Chris Taylor, which probably means something to those in the know.  What I like about this song is that it's good for slow grooving, but yet about bitter breakups. "Hoping that you die unhappy / I'll do everything I can / To make sure that you are never happy." Yeah man, hurts don't it?

Dinner - Blood Orange
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Blood Orange

When We Were Young

The lyrics and bouncy danceable beat make this song a dance floor slayer as well as a song you can work, drive, strut, or any other possible activity while blasting. I notice how fun the drums are, the great bassline, and of course the lyrics with that "ah-oop!". Enjoy!

When We Were Young (Breakbot Remix) - Sneaky Sound System
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Sneaky Sound System | Breakbot

Call Me

"My phone's ringin' baby, but it's never you callin' me"
I love the 808 in this song, that bouncy bassy bumpy high frequency bassline keeps my head bobbing and feet moving. The sample is fun and gets stuck in my head for days. And that little puff on the saxophone is awkward at first, but proves to be just the right touch. Enjoy!

Call Me Feat. Andreas Cavaco (Tiger Stripes Remix) - Patrick L and DJ Nibc
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Patrick L and DJ Nibc | Andreas Cavaco | Tiger Stripes

Give It Up (For Love)

Close friends of mine own a flute making company, that's right, flutes.  They were saying that popular music doesn't depict flutes as cool, not like guitars and turntables.  Well Jay J and Chris Lum know how to make flutes sound cool. I love the flute in this song! The breathy sound adds so much over the deep and soulful beat. The filtered sample couples very well with the butterfly-like path that the flute flies through the duration of the track. Enjoy!

Give It Up (For Love) Souljazz Excursion - SoulFranciscins (Jay J and Chris Lum)
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Office Musik

I am a huge fan of the American version of The Office.  I think that Lil Wayne's lyrics over this beat match perfectly. The beginning sample of Jim and Dwight seals it for me, Count Choculitis, Ha!

I feel that when it comes to music, and people who are serious about their music tastes and collections, egos start to get in the way. Music can be a very serious multi-billion dollar industry, but it can also be a non-serious three and a half minutes of fun. Enjoy!

Office Musik (Clockwork Edit) - Lil Wayne vs. The Office Theme
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Lil Wayne | The Office

The Bay

As a big fan of both Metronomy and 2 Bears, this is a surefire winner. This mix has a great organization of samples layered throughout the track. The first 2 minutes build up leaving me slamming to "London, Paris, Tok-yo". The track has a thunderous energy and is tastefully done. Enjoy!

The Bay (2 Bears Remix) - Metronomy
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Metronomy | 2 Bears

Select Sundays: Love Letter

Well these guys sure do a lot don't they? Billed as composers, producers, and developers, Ralph Lamb and Andrew Ross are a British pairing that not only do film scores, produce other artists, and work with Elton John, but released this album of "loungecore latin" music in 2002. Their earlier album was "chillout retro-country." Ecelctic eh?

Love Letter - Easy Access Orchestra
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Easy Access Orchestra

Yours To Keep

The lines "we can ride around with the top down" and "cause i'm yours to keep if you want to" perfectly represent this track. There's a cute and fun, playfulness from her adorable voice. Yet there's a touch of melancholy, stemming from that universal insecurity of wanting to be wanted. The electronic sounds are a nice compliment to the track, and not an overbearingly gimmicky amount, it's just right. Enjoy!

Yours To Keep - Teddybears Stockholm
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Teddybears Stockholm

Rock The Funky Beats

This is one of the first electronic songs I heard and appreciated. Music of the late 90's was dominated by Hip Hop and R&B, so much that even today I'll still hear songs from that era causing screams on the dance floor.

But I digress. I do really like to rock the funky beats!! -and I love the hard hitting bassline and aggressive drum machine that this song brings. Enjoy!

Rock The Funky Beats - Natural Born Chillers
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Natural Born Chillers

You Gonna Want Me

This classic track feels like it hasn't aged a day.  Released in 2005, and been jammin' ever since, I just don't get tired of this track. The vocals are awesome, the bass line is treacherous, and it all comes together beautifully. The song pump up your ego and your energy, it's just long enough for a dance track, but short enough that I usually play it twice to get my fill. Enjoy!

You Gonna Want Me (12 Inch Dance Mix) - Tiga
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The sincere and passionate vocals fluttering atop the strumming guitar chords just about sums up this track for me. I find it hard to listen to only the lyrics, as the vocals, keys, and guitars merge together to build a feeling that overcomes the ability to absorb and process the words -and that's a good thing. Enjoy!

Giants (Acoustic) - Now, Now
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Now, Now


"Dis-dis-distance is killin' me" This track has a fun and upbeat tempo and wonderful use of words. There's a great blend of electronic and acoustic instruments. I envision an outside concert with lots of dancing and spilling of beer. Enjoy!

Distance - EFFI
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Select Sundays: Petite Soeur

Look, if you're going to put the genre of music you do into your name, you better be pretty good. Luckily Ben l'Oncle Soul delivers exactly what he says he will: classic soul with a new spin. Oh, and he does it in French. I mean, as we all know, anything sung in French automatically sounds that much more impressive. This track in particular is really almost like a "Stand By Me" cover, and I love it.

Petite Soeur - Ben l'Oncle Soul
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Ben l'Oncle Soul

The End Starts Today Mixtape #3

I'm happy to say that my third mixtape is complete and ready for you to jam while being outside, hopefully in the warm sunshine, with your loved ones.  The composition of this mix was a bit different than the last two mixtapes, and I see myself learning tons through the exercise of making these mixtapes. Also, I've kept up with the tradition of drawing something famous over a cool photo for the blog post. The previous mixtapes can be found here: Mixtape #1, Mixtape #2. Enjoy!

The mix is 49 minutes long and consists of 11 tracks:

In The Grace Of Your Love (Mannequine Piano Remix) - The Rapture
Paradisco (Mannequine Remix) - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Dem Bones - BLKKATHY
Going Back To Cali (Viceroy Jet Life Remix) - The Notorious B.I.G.
Yours Truly - Sol
Feel The Love ft. John Newman - Rudimental
Bounce (Banana Dynamite Remix) - Calvin Harris
Heart (Moonchild Remix) - Nathan Swiss
Horses (Tribe of Zebras Remix) - Fluidart
Ed and James - Sugar Hill
Here, In Heaven 4&5 (CFCF Remix) - Elite Gymnastics

The End Starts Today Mixtape #3 - The Nose
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The Nose

Somehow, Somewhere

This song has a bit of personal nostalgia for me. I remember hearing DJs throw down this track when it was at its peak of popularity, and we'd dance our ass off to it. The track is put together so well with essence of horns, strings, smooth synth chords, a hand clap, and of course that unforgettable sample "I was raiiiiised in the ghetto". The dance floor energy would jump up when the crowd heard the song being mixed in. Enjoy!

Somehow, Somewhere (There's A Soul Heaven) - Deep Sensation
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Deep Sensation

In The Aeroplane Over the Sea

There's something completely captivating about the strumming of guitar strings all by themselves. My mind paints a potential picture of what is next to come, and what does is not disappointing. The vocals are somewhat quirky, but very sincere and emotional. I also enjoy hearing the trumpet standing in the background. Enjoy!

In The Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
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Neutral Milk Hotel

Love Is Real

It's rare for me to dislike anything touched by Fred Falke, and this song is no different. Love is real when I listen to this song. Who doesn't fall in love with the "disco queen" when you're on the dance floor?!

My brain images the breakdown with those airy female vocals ascending to the ground with beams of light covering the dance floor. Enjoy!

Love Is Real (Fred Falke Remix) - Theophilus London
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Theophilus London | Fred Falke