5 Years Time

I'm a huge fan of Noah & The Whale. The quirkiness, the upbeat melancholy, and his signature voice which is friendly, warm, and familiar. This song has flutes, whistling, fantastic violin strings, and plenty of cowbell -which can't be said for many songs. I love how the song has a great singability to it, if everyone in the car knows this song, better roll the windows down and collectively belt it out! Enjoy!

5 Years Time - Noah & The Whale
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Noah & The Whale

About You

This is a lowlight song, and if those first 10 seconds don't paint that picture for you then... well I don't know what then. There's a hint of R&B inspiration in this song with that "say you'll never let me go" sample. But it's those heavy synths followed by the low wobbly bass notes that mold the song into what it is.  It really is something beautiful. Enjoy!

About You - XXYYXX
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For Real

The sample that starts this track off sounds like clippings from an accordion, and you have to hear it before you judge it. Once the song gets into full swing there's lots of little pieces coming together to for a uniform sound. There's a hit of jazz, some deep soul swing, and a melody on the xylophone that you can tip tap your toes to. Enjoy!

For Real - Atjazz
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This song is nearly all build, and as an amateur DJ I see the value of this. The first two minutes build up to what I feel is a somewhat disappointing break. There are things I enjoy like the "oooh oohh ohhh", and the 1-2-1-2 cowbell on the eight, but the song loses the muster that it takes so long to build up.

I can see that break point as the opportune time to bring in the next track, and continue the energy that is so well created from the first two minutes. The song tapers out quickly, and makes me feel that this is what it was created for. Enjoy!

Synrise (Soulwax Remix) - Goose
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Goose | Soulwax

Buffalo Seven

If I were a gangster, hit man, or some other form of paid killer, this is the song I'd play before work. "I always use a cheap gun", those words are so damn hard! As if your life isn't worth the potential of having to get rid of a nice gun. The dark and heavy beat paints a picture of trench coats, rainy dark urban landscapes with shady figures lurking in the night. Please use with caution and, Enjoy!

Buffalo Seven - Swayzak
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Select Sundays: Small Hours

This band was introduced to us by a friend who recently jaunted off to Germany and returned with music in hand. If everyone over there makes music as good as Marcel Aue, Robert Krause, and vocalist Antje Seifarth, we're booking our tickets to visit right away. Of course it would be cheaper to just put this track on repeat here...

Small Hours - Marbert Rocel
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Marbert Rocel

Murder In The City

What we have here is a few dudes, a few guitars, and a beautiful song. The song talks about family, brothers, and the wanting to be remembered. Towards the end a piano sneaks in a few notes, adding to the final climax. I find myself listening to the emotion in the vocals, and then the lyrics. Enjoy!

Murder In The City - The Avett Brothers
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The Avett Brothers

The Beatles

Some songs make you fall in love with them after a few notes. There are other songs that you find yourself in love with after twenty listens. This is one of those songs for me. I thought the chorus was goofy at first, "like you've never heard The Beatles before". But the song had something that kept me listening to it, perhaps it was the fun beat, or the way they snuck in some bongos? I can't put my finger on it, but now I definitely love it. Enjoy!

The Beatles - Shy Child
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Shy Child


This track has that funky break that I love. From the beginning, hearing the drumstick dance on the high hat gets me excited for what's to come... and then the bassline! The song takes its time, building slowly and beautifully, keeping you guessing if this is it, or is there more coming? Then you hear the voice, Stevie, and you know this song is in full effect. Enjoy!

Superstition (Todd Terje Edit) - Stevie Wonder
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Stevie Wonder | Todd Terje


The first bass note tells you that you're in for a treat. I love the up and down of the vocals that come in the beginning. There's a nice summer feel to this track, which, perhaps I feel since it's summer right now. Either way I'll be jammin' this outside by the pool. Enjoy!

Stay (Don't Go Away) - Right The Stars
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Right The Stars

Every Little Thing

I quickly adhere to songs displaying the insecurities of a guy who's smitten for a girl. Granted the message here is along the lines of does she like me or not? But the entire song speaks to me as fun, deep, and able to play across many occasions. I especially like this line: "But I really didn't wanna come across as a lonely man when I told you that I love you on our first date". The vocal filter along with these words make me laugh and sing along at the same time.

Every Little Thing (Feat. Irfane & Teki Latex) - Para One
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Para One Irfane & Teki Latex

Select Sundays: Shoulda

Whew, this track is moody, atmospheric and slightly nostalgic all at the same time. Jamie Woon's voice might be the best thing about this track, even if it's the first notes that capture your attention. I must also mention that Woon is of half-Asian descent. That makes him the British Keanu Reeves of music. Okay not really. But they do kind of look alike. Just a bit.

Shoulda - Jamie Woon
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Jamie Woon


The first few notes of this song completely hook me, the first time I heard it I knew I'd have to relisten to it again immediately. The electric guitar sounds are sharp and shrill, which compliment her voice which later goes through a pretty gritty filter. The raw emotion and unleashed energy of the song is what keeps me coming back to listen again. Enjoy!

Elephant - Warpaint
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I love the combo of Jessie's airy and lonely vocals along with the Big Pun sample "carving my initials on your forehead".  The big bass drum beat really sets this track in to that R&B/dance genre area, sorta like that late 90's Freestyle vibe.  Jam this beat while you're summering on summer vacation as I'm almost certain the track needs to be listened to while in a swimsuit. Enjoy!

110% - Jessie Ware
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Jessie Ware


This deep and dancey rendition of Aaliyah's classic is spot on.  The driving bassline and sample keeps me bounce-bounce-bounce-ing in my seat. Touching a classic like Aaliyah's "If Your Girl Only Knew" is dangerous territory unless done right. This is done right. Enjoy!

Aaliyah - Follow Me
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Follow Me

Don't Break My Love

This song has some very distinct parts. The first part you may find yourself double checking to verify that the song is not on pause. The middle is beautiful, and the ending is fantastic.  There's a curious beat that maintains through the entire track, holding it together. Though the first 5 minutes or so have no vocals, a sample does sneak its way into the song, and for me, makes this song great. Enjoy!

Don't Break My Love - Nicolas Jaar
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Nicolas Jaar


This quirky indie track has slowly won me over. It took me a while to accept and enjoy the first line, but I find that I weigh the first line of a song with more importance than most.  There's lots of fun to go along with a brassy and stringy instrumentation lineup. The standout for me is the catch melody, which I weigh heavier than the first line of lyrics. Enjoy!

Doom - New Beard
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New Beard

Select Sundays: Billionaire

I gave up acoustic covers of rap songs two years ago but this one I just love. I know, I know, it was in a Chevy commercial. But before you judge me for being a pawn of marketing, listen to Chelsea Williams sing and tell me she's not fantastic. Plus her determination to get signed to a record label -- after singing for years on the streets -- is heart warming. If she's not the next Jewel then I don't know what I'm talking about. Seal it.

Billionaire - Chelsea Williams
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Chelsea Williams

Winter In America

Gil has that voice, you can't avoid it -it's smooth and strong, deep and soulful, and it'll drive right up to your ear and make you listen.  Besides the amazing voice and great vocals, the flute and drums stand out to me. I love the fluttering of the flute in the background along with the drums subtly holding things down. Enjoy!

Winter In America - Gil Scott-Heron
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Gil Scott-Heron

Silverlake Pills

Personally this song has some memoires attached to it. The first time I heard it, I was in the DJ Booth with my friend at Pacha in Ibiza. He looked at me as he let go of the record and said "Silverlake Pills!!"

The song builds fantastically. I love the bouncy low frequency synths over that gritty bassline that has been pushed one notch past distortion and seems to be growing.  I feel that this is a special song, as today is a special day.  The End Starts Today had its very first post one year ago today, June 7th 2011.  Here's to a great year of music and blogging. Enjoy!

Silverlake Pills (Gui Boratto Remix) - Adam Freeland
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Adam Freeland | Gui Boratto

For The One

This track is gritty filtered distortion and energy rolled up into a solid rock song. I like how this song sends me back to 1999 with its overall feeling. Rock on! (and) Enjoy!

For The One - Waters
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Mi Rumba

The part of this song that immediately drew me in was that round and bouncy bass drum.  To me, the song sorta builds off of that. The track is filled with soft and smooth sounds, easily slipping you into some daydream visualization while the notes blend together to fill the backdrop. Enjoy!

Mi Rumba (Genius Of Time Remix) - Kyodai
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Kyodai | Genius Of Time

Out The Door

This song is upbeat and catchy. I enjoy Ben's voice along with the acoustic guitar strumming along.   The carefree lead guitar bounces around happily creating images of dusty roads, and people feeling good about moving forward and making progress comes to my mind when I listen. Enjoy!

Out The Door - Ben Kweller
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Ben Kweller

Select Sundays: I Love It

Oh those Swedes! Why are they so great? Icona Pop bandmembers Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo are not only musicians, lady DJs, and fashion icons, but they also have a blog that they actually update!  They present large format photos and allow us to travel with them as they rise to international fame. What's not to love?

I Love It - Icona Pop
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Icona Pop

We Got It Wrong

I hear Prince's "I would - die for - you" when this song starts up, perhaps that's a good a cappella sample to play over this if it were in a mixtape? Then the song takes on its own, and really takes off lyrically. The vocal filters are spot on, and the background vocals send chills down my spine. Dance about fiercely while kicking everything in sight while this song blasts. Enjoy!

We Got It Wrong - St. Lucia
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St. Lucia