Never Touch The Ground

I've got a desire for a Friday post anthem, and this satisfies that urge. Big builds, piano breakdowns, and an infectious chorus to sing along to make this a high energy weekend winner. "We never touch the ground! oh oh oh oh oh oh"!! I feel like there's a large demand for anthem tracks like this, and an even larger number of producers trying to capture that perfect anthem feeling.

Never Touch The Ground (Gazzo Remix) - YLUV (right click to save as)
YLUV | Gazzo

I Tried So Hard

I have decided to go back and re-watch one of my favorite anime series, Samurai Champloo. If you haven't seen it, see it. I remember being obsessed with the soundtrack, which is nothing short of amazing.  This song is in that exact vein, and I can't get enough. The track is gentle and smooth, with the perfect amount of "hit" on the breaks. The composition is beautiful, so listen to this song then watch the anime. Enjoy!

I Tried So Hard (Extended Mix) - Night Works (right click to save as)
Night Works

Jane S. Piddy

This amazingly rough and stripped down sounds hits the nail on the head. Lyrics from the left channel, guitar from the right, create a vivid image.  There are too many insanely great lines written in this song, normally I'd choose my favorite and write them out, but I'd end up writing the entire song for this go-round, so I'll leave it at that. Enjoy!

Jane S. Piddy - Rodriguez (right click to save as)


This song doesn't strike me as a zombie song, especially with that cute little "hey hey" sample that I swear is from something by Mark Ronson. The track is upbeat with nice builds, breaks, and laser lights. I can only imagine pretty zombies dancing in well lit areas to this song. Enjoy!

Zombie - Attracktive
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It's not news that movies and music are cut from the same thread. Songs like this remind me just how much in common a simple track has to  the big motion pictures.  There's a journey to this song, and in my vivid imagination it's a rather epic one. Enjoy!

"An adoptee, I never knew my parents
I wonder which one has my eyesAnd if we meet, I'll tell them that I missed themBut I won't judge them I won't cry"

Spore - Ramona Falls
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Ramona Falls

The End StartsToday Mixtape #4

It has been far too long since we posted the last Mixtape! I'm proud to present the fourth mixtape in an ongoing series of mixtape making. This one is inspired by female voices and banging drums, at least that's what I thought during the composition, which seemed to be a flash-whirlwind. This is the shortest mix, with 10 tracks (sort of) coming in at just over 35 minutes long. I have been enjoying half hour mixes lately, which inspired me to compose one myself.  Sometimes a one hour mix drags on, or is too long to listen to on my commute, or whatever. Remember, personality goes a long way difference! Enjoy!


1.) Missing (Cave Painting Remix) - Leno Lovecraft
2.) Prehistoric - Now, Now
3.) Youth - Daughter
4.) Analyser (Japan's Buy Me A Spaceship and Fly Remix) - AlunaGeorge
5.) Movie Quote: Pulp Fiction (Personality Goes A Long Way) - Samuel L. Jackson & John Travolta
6.) Carried Away - Passion Pit
7.) Drafting Still - LLLL
8.) Turning - Cloud
9.) Moonlight - Flinch & AC Slater
10.) Love is Real - Rusko

The End Starts Today Mixtape #4 - The Nose (right click to save as)
The Nose

Sunburn Modern

Give me the good stuff! Hand claps, steel drums (or some sort of variant), and bongos.  Somehow I equate these percussion sounds with summer, and so should you. The squawking birdlike vocal sample in this track even fits just right. And let's face it, getting a sunburn is more of a bragging right than a drawback from being in the sun too much. Enjoy!

Sunburn Modern - Baio
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The Start of Something

I've got 45 plays for this song in my iTunes library. It's an upbeat love song with vivid imagery. Lines like "I watched every inch of film flash across your roman features" are enough for me to create and entires scene and scenario. Above all, it's the melody paired with the vocal filter that captured my attention on this track. His voice seems to be flowing through a soft silk wall, taking any and all harshness that could be perceived leaving a smooth flow of lyrics to accompany the instruments. Enjoy!

The Start of Something - Voxtrot
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There was a point in my life where this Deep House sound was all that I'd buy.  The soft keys, the constant kick drum, and a beautiful vocal singing days and nights of love and beauty. I have since branched out, but this deep sound still holds a special place in my heart. The magic of songs like this is how much they change with volume. Crank this on a club system, and you've got a dance party. Play it softly before you sleep and it's soothing. Enjoy!

Turning - Cloud
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Keep You

I just got back from Vegas. My body and brain are still hanging in recovery mode. This is a track that helps me get back to real life. The laid back melody and dancehall vibe put my body at ease while still keeping my ears happy. Enjoy!

Keep You - Wild Belle
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Wild Belle

Select Sundays: Never Too Much

I'm a late bloomer for a lot of things, and some of the classics come to me way late. Hall & Oates, Belinda Carlisle, etc. I suspect this track from Luther Vandross is one of those things everyone else knows but I didn't. It came to my attention when I saw Robert Downey Jr. dance his way into Comic-Con and I just had to have the song. So here it is, for all of us.

Never Too Much - Luther Vandross
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Luther Vandross

Locked Out

There's two ideas that pop into my head when I hear the name Freelance Whales, beautiful melodies and fun instruments. This song of theirs does not stray from those ideas. I love anything with a xylophone, so it's almost unfair. I also feel that the line "we have the rations to go anywhere" projects a rugged and indestructible mentality, which I dig. Enjoy!

Locked Out - Freelance Whales
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Freelance Whales


When I heard this track on Steph Lund's Aout 2012 Le Miel Du Mois Mixtape I went nuts. The track bangs with that amazing Spandau Ballet mojo of the original. I love how different yet recognizable this tune is. Touching a gem from the 80's is dangerously unstable territory, but if done well can lead to explosively great results, as proven here. Enjoy!

True (Thony Ritz Remix) - Spandau Ballet
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Spandau Ballet | Thony Ritz

Why Even Try

Jon went to a Theophilus London show in NYC a while back, and he somehow managed to miss the performance of this song with Sara Quin. Personally I'm a humungous fan of Tegan and Sara, so I stressed the importance of him seeing this.  Alas, RAC has sprinkled just the right amount of his magic on this track, there's a fun imbalance of happy feelings and uplifting beats for the melancholy song lyrics. Enjoy!

Why Even Try Feat. Sara Quin (RAC Remix) - Theophilus London
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Theophilus London | Sara Quin


The piano on this song is strong, opening up with powerful chords. Slowly like the tide this song rises, and brings me visions of slow motion and sweeping panoramas. The wavy filter on the samples makes me feel like those few moments when underwater you think you just may drown -and then it's over. Enjoy!

Hurtlove - No Ceremony
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No Ceremony


This surf punk summer jam is sure to lift up your spirits. "know who I am you don't have to ask, I don't love you baby I just love that ass" It's fun to feel invincible and all powerful even if it is silly and just for fun. That's what summer rock n roll is all about! Enjoy!

B$G P$MP$N - Natural Child
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Natural Child

Caliban's Dream

This beauty paints a colorful dreamworld with soft hues and cozy tones. I was surprised to see at it was just over 7 minutes long, cause It feels like the song ends so quickly. A friend of mine unconditionally loves all songs with whistling or xylophone, I know that she'll love this one for the whistling part near the midpoint of the track. Enjoy!

Caliban's Dream - Underworld
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I dismissed this track before I even clicked on it. In my normal life I would have skipped right over a remix by someone I don't recognize, of a 10 year old top 40 R&B song.

Somehow It wasn't a normal day in my life, and magically I gave it a whirl. Needless to say I noticed who did the remix soon after, and have been enjoying this track quite a bit. The style is reminiscent of XXYYXX, who we blogged a bit ago here.  The sizzling synths and slight pauses that accentuate the genius of the original are spot on. Enjoy!

Fallin' (starRo Remix) - Alicia Keys
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Alicia Keys | starRo

The Voice Of Dru

Summertime house music! A friend shared this track with me via the music video shot in Venice Beach, CA. The bassline is simple, but it grabs a hold of my mind and shakes it.  The standout from a vocal perspective for me is the simply "Uh ha". That repetition, makes me feel more and more of that summertime relaxed vibe. Enjoy!

The Voice Of Dru - Doctor Dru
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Doctor Dru

Annalog & Her Hopeful Diaries

This track gives me that Tarantino chill.  I am in love with the rasp of his voice on this song, which is carefully balanced out by Lisa's colorful and silky delivery. The composition is a tad eerie, but in a melancholic manner.  Why do I envision a dusty leather-skin cowboy singing this track? Probably because that's what I envision when I read Crooked Cowboy in conjunction with this song. Enjoy!

Annalog & Her Hopeful Diaries Feat. Lisa Papineau - Crooked Cowboy and the Freshwater Indians
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Crooked Cowboy and the Freshwater IndiansLisa Papineau

Ghettos & Gardens

Justin comes at us from two very opposite corners with this track, and his title is very telling of this. The song has beautiful melodies but also carries the grit and womp of a mad-dirty track. Sounds of chain link fences accompany sound bits of innocent female vocals.  There's not doubt that this track will shake a system, while also shaking your interest. Enjoy!

Ghettos & Gardens - Justin Martin
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Justin Martin

Podcast: Pow Wow #1

Ameer and Jon sit down to talk about their MP3 blogging experience as The End Starts Today approaches a full year's worth of posts. On this episode we recommend Peel, the MP3 blog reader; discuss an interview and article about the godfather of MP3 blogging, Fluxblog; and try to divine the future of T.E.S.T. [23:15 min]

Links to some of the things we talked about:

The Hope

Scuba is in town tonight, and I've got tickets to see him! I'm hoping to hear a few Scuba tracks, but more than that I'm excited to hear what other artists' songs he'll spin.

This song had me at hello. The track is rough and masculine, it feels industrial like cold hard steel. It starts out hard and just gets harder. Hearing the deep voice listing off the miscellaneous things is simple yet interesting. I'm ready to dance all night. Enjoy!

The Hope - Scuba
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I am not quite sure what language this song is in, I'm not quite sure what this song is about either. The track does move me regardless. The vocals with that high pitched almost-whiny filter are catch and uplifting. However, i feel that there is some melancholy in this track, and maybe it's the voice overs that sneak under the music, who knows? Enjoy!

Sabali (Paul Epworth Remix) - Amadou & Mariam
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Amadou & Mariam | Paul Epworth


More so than the theme, I appreciate the execution of this track. Don't get me wrong, "leave the 40oz, put the weed down, develop a plan" "WHATEVER", is an awesome string of words. There's times when I wish I could say whatever, and have a dirty bass drop on queue right after. The saxophone and vintage drum machine sounds date this song a bit, but I enjoy some nostalgia here and there. Enjoy!

Whatever - Yellow Note
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Yellow Note